Reiki is all about energy.


It is an energy therapy that helps with releasing trapped energy flow and emotions within the physical and energetic body.


I discovered Reiki during a period where I was releasing and letting go of many things myself, past relationships, being made redundant from my fashion design job, and my way of life, as I knew it. I was sitting with a sense of wanting to move on to something different for myself – a restlessness.


During a yoga retreat in Thailand I received Reiki almost everyday as a part of a stress release programme. I was apprehensive and didn’t feel too much during the treatment except a deep sense of rest and peacefulness. Then during the latter part of the holiday I started to experience emotional releases and finally, when I was packing my suitcase to go home, whilst listening to a music podcast I surprised myself by starting to sing along and dance in the bathroom. I had lost my mojo for a few years and couldn’t dance for toffee…..but now something had shifted.


Afterwards I entered a period of self-discovery: I was made redundant and I was also becoming restless with fashion, seeking something deeper, a greater purpose. I was studying nutrition part time, but followed my intuition and switched to studying Reiki. I also researched and started freelancing for sustainable sportswear fashion companies. This new fashion area was a perfect match for my interest in wellbeing and an eco friendly way of living that I was beginning to adjust to.


As I continue on my journey I am excited to see how everything is tying together. My latest venture: Inner Flow Zone is a company bringing Reiki to the creative and music industries in the city. It has evolved from my own experience and passion for these areas and understanding of creative corporate needs. Combining these industries together with reiki therapy I intend to provide a fresher energy for the urban city environment and those who live within it.

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