Beyond form there is energy.

As quantum physics has indicated we are all connected to an energy that is throughout our cells, throughout our planet and throughout the universe itself.  It is a big concept to absorb so an easier way of thinking about it could be to notice that the air we breath contains molecules, these molecules at some point have been out and about in the city in which we live, and perhaps blown in from across the ocean.  Perhaps before that these molecules were blown into our planet’s atmosphere from just outside in space.  Now these same molecules are inside us, and will go on to make certain parts of our body work.   Being connected to the universe is a little like this molecule having been a part of a lot of things before it became a part of us.

Physics has also discovered that these molecules are always vibrating with energy, and at different rates – or frequencies.  During a treatment the reiki therapist is able to facilitate a connection to the higher frequencies of this universal energy.  They are able to channel this through their own electromagnetic field into their bodies and out through their hands.  Reiki is a gentle and safe hands-on healing energy technique, using this connected universal energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

Reiki harmonises your energy system, putting your body in the best possible position to heal itself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Research also indicates that infra red energy is emitted from a therapist’s hands during a treatment. This can explain why physical pains are reduced and healing greatly encouraged with Reiki due to the energy reaching deep into the tissues.  Infra red saunas are another way to receive these healing health benefits.

Reiki: The benefits

The benefits of promoting a good energy flow, and releasing negative and blocked energy through Reiki therapy, are many.  Here are just a few:

Less stress

Calmer attitude

Clearer head

Better intuition

Increased creativity

Improved memory

More stamina

More energy

Emotional release

Physical release

Better sleep


Stronger immune system

Slower ageing


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