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When you change and lift your vibration/emotional feeling you create a healthier energy and environment in the cells of your body. This can be hard to do during difficult times, during periods of stress and illness of yourself or others. It can feel wrong to try and be happy if a member of your family is ill for example.


A way to reframe this avenue of thinking can be to realise that you would not stop eating healthily if your family member was ill in an attempt to try and be as ill as they were. You would try to keep yourself healthy, fit and well enough to be able to be of support to your family member.


This can be the same with energy. Raising your vibration during the day is as health giving for your body as a healthy lunch can be instead of a quick packet of crisps and sweets. You know that healthy food will make you feel better and keep you going through the tough times, and so it is with raising your vibration. This does not mean you are ignoring the challenges or your emotions, it means you are keeping your energy flowing to enable you to better deal with these challenges.


Bereavement councillors are specifically taught that it is a healthy part of the role to be able to disconnect from the energy and situation of the client they are helping. Admittedly this is harder to disconnect with people we know and love in tough times, but it is a necessity to keep mentally healthy.


Everyone finds their own way to disconnect and find a joyful moment. Finding joy really is about raising your own vibration. Joy is different for everyone, it can be a quiet walk, an energy giving run in the park, a good Friday night out, a good Friday night in, but all have the same result in rebalancing the negative, lower energy vibrations in the body.

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