Along with reiki, the practice of Grounding or Earthing is another form of balancing energy flow.


We are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Both our bodies and the planet have their own separate electromagnetic fields.


The planet has a natural way of maintaining a healthy balance of the + and – electrons that make up it’s electromagnetic field.


This healthy balance also benefits anything living on this planet when it is connected directly to the earth. The only living things on this planet that live unconnected to the ground are humans. Every other animal, plant and organism has some form of connecting to the earth during some part of their day. In the modern world we live in houses with insulated flooring, wear insulated rubber soled shoes and sleep on raised beds and we can have no connection to the earth at any point.


During our day we can also pick up an overload of + electrons charges from the electrical and electromagnetic radiation we encounter from items such as computers, tv sets, bluetooth, wifi, and electrical circuits in the house. These things induce an additional voltage into our bodies that disrupt our cell’s electrical signalling.


The act of grounding allows us to connect to the earth with bare feet or skin and we receive beneficial electrons into our bodies. These can balance the additional voltage by releasing the overload of + charges back into the earth, just like an earthing wire on a plug, and allowing the rebalancing – electrons in the earth to pass into our bodies. All this happens by simply walking barefoot on the earth, grass or swimming in the sea.


It take take place in a matter of minutes and can explain why we feel instantly more relaxed whenever we take off our shoes to walk in the cool grass or on a warm sandy beach.



For more information see these articles on grounding below:

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