As grounding works to balance the physical electrical energy in the body (see previous blog post for more information on the benefits of grounding), the effects from Reiki go far beyond the physical body and can be used as a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the individual – body, mind, emotions and spirit.


It can be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth, and can bring a greater clarity of mind, increased creativity and a more relaxed, flowing approach to life.


In this way Reiki is more than a laying on of hands for a physical therapy. It is a way to use energy as a tool to thrive in our lives, physically, energetically and spirituality.  It is a hugely beneficial lifestyle and health technique, fully relevant for the modern, urban way of living.


Reiki can begin the awareness of our ability to absorb and release energy within our body, which is something that we can all do whether someone has been attuned to Reiki or not. Tai Chi is an example of just one form of martial arts through which it is taught how to focus and direct the flow of energy through the exercises and sequences performed. In Tai Chi this body energy is called Chi and the theory is the same: to move energy around the body to keep it healthy on a physical level and also to allow the emotions to flow and be free to be expressed.


When emotions are expressed in a healthy way they no longer are kept inside and create blocked energy.  Any blocked energy can create stagnant areas in the body which can then develop into physical aches, pains and other physical symptoms.  It can help to think of your body’s energy flow like a free flowing stream, when the stream becomes blocked the water becomes stuck.  The water can become stagnant and create diseases within it’s environment, and so it is with the energy flow within your body.  If we can keep this flow fresh and help to clear small emotional blockages regularly then we can have a sparkling fresh energy supply throughout the whole body.


This is how the flow of emotional energy and physical energy are interwoven, and how Reiki works on many levels – body, mind, emotions and spirit.


In the following blog posts I share some easy energy techniques to bring this sparkling energy into your body and into everyday life.

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