To look at the energy in the body more deeply we can feel differing energy levels or vibrations. These can be higher vibrations; for example feeling grateful or happy, or lower vibrations; for example feeling fearful or angry. When we laugh we feel a much lighter sensation in the body, yet when we are angry, and maybe having an argument, we feel a lot heavier with a lower sensation.


We can start to become aware of these differing energies and learn how to adjust the energy in our body to a higher vibration – a better feeling.


3 minute energy rebalancing exercise


Minute 1

Remember an activity or time where you felt a little fearful, for example trying a new sport or starting a new job. We can remember feeling jittery, unbalanced, a kind of energy that is not very smooth or restful in the body. Energy can be stopping and starting in our body as we tense up.

Now set that feeling to the side and think of things you can be grateful about, write these down if you can. We can be grateful for the big things: our health, the health of our family and friends, and we can be grateful for the small things: the smell of butter on hot toast, getting a seat on the train, a really good cup of coffee. Once you get going you can feel quite grateful for many things.

Now rest in this feeling. It can feel soft, calm, floaty and smooth. When we compare this to the sensation of a little fear in our bodies we can learn to identify the difference in these feelings and aim to refocus to the higher, lighter vibration of being grateful.


Minute 2

Remember your list of things to be grateful for and soften back into this feeling. It’s like steering a small boat back to calmer shores.

Close your eyes, keep feeling this feeling, breath it in, imagine breathing all the calmness from your gratitude list through your nose into your body.

Let your body fill up, let all the cells become saturated with your gratitude. It’s fine however you like to do this, maybe by imagining a mist or a white light saturating your cells, or just feel it.


Minute 3

Keep breathing in the gratitude and now as you breath out instead of breathing out through only your nose imagine your whole body is breathing out through every surface, every part of your skin, through every cell releasing your breath out again.

After a few body breaths now imagine you are breathing out the gratitude through every surface of your body, and you are releasing this feeling back out into the world.

Lastly imagine, if you can, breathing not just out through every part of your body but breathing in through every part of your body as well. Soften your body’s beginning and end so you’re a bit like a jellyfish in action, softly breathing in and out the feeling of gratitude with your whole body.


This is an exercise we can do as part of a daily Reiki or energy balancing practice. This can easily be done for a few minutes on your daily commute, even standing up a train or bus.

It can also be added into your meditation practise if you have one. By doing this exercise you are putting your body and cells into a higher, and healthier vibration.

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