We all have the ability to change our own energy and affect other’s energy onto higher or lower levels. We have probably all experienced how a whole room, or party’s atmosphere, can be changed by just one person who is not suiting the vibe of the party. It creates a whole negative energy around this person, which spreads around the room and makes others feel uneasy. They are feeling this negative energy.


Also the reverse can be true, a person can walk into a room and immediately the energy is lighter, buzzing, alive with possibilities. Another example on a larger scale is of a DJ bringing everyone to a point of matched excitement, high vibrations and feel good emotions with their music.


When you know about higher and lower vibrations you start to make sense of a lot of things. Personally I have never liked sombre music or aggressive and frightening movies. I now know that this is because it takes me out of my higher vibration and down into a lower energy, which makes me feel uncomfortable.


You can learn how to notice these differences in energy vibration levels during the day and be aware of your ability to make a conscious decision to re-adjust yourself. Exactly as you would decide to re-adjust your path from the nearest bar to the nearest gym. Just as a regular meditation practise can help you reset after stressful periods during the day, by becoming aware of your own body’s energy level you can reroute yourself onto a healthier vibration.


Daily energy awareness can be included as part of a healthy lifestyle as much as drinking water each day. Both help your cells to go about their daily processes more efficiently. For example, if you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before you drink something then your body can get far out of balance. While it is possible to bring your body back into a state of wellbeing it is much easier to maintain, rather than recover, a healthy physical balance.


In the same way that it is a good idea to drink at the first signs of thirst, it is a good idea to adjust the vibration at the first signs of a lower feeling. Although I do strongly agree that acknowledging our negative emotions is healthy as this allows us to connect to our own intuition about situation, being at a lower vibration for long periods is not the optimal experience for cells to thrive in your body.



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