During a treatment you remain fully clothed and can remain seated or lie down on a treatment couch for complete relaxation.


The therapist will place their hands in various positions on your body; these are based around the chakra points – the energy centres of the body. These are also the same areas as the endocrine organs, which regulate hormones and the main systems of the physical and chemical body. This is how Reiki energy can connect to the various levels of the body: physical and energetic.


During the treatment the therapist’s hands can be touching the body or held a few centimetres away. You may feel heat, cold, tingling, see various colours when you close your eyes, retrieve memories, or as it is deeply relaxing you may even fall asleep.


You do not have to specially prepare for the Reiki energy to work within you but it is advisable to allow some time for quiet reflection after a treatment and to drink water to help with the physical detoxification that can take place. For 24 hours following the treatment is it also advised to avoid any other treatments that work on the body energy systems such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture. This is to allow the body and it’s energy pathways to adapt, detox and heal any blockages that may have been released within the Reiki treatment.


For more information on Reiki you can view this link below from my Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange of Reiki Academy London:

What is Reiki? Reiki Academy London

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