about me


my reiki journey began on a solo yoga retreat in thailand and while I was open to the idea of connecting to body energy I was still a little apprehensive.  little did I know that this would be the beginning of a journey of fusing careers in sportswear design and energy therapy, of becoming aware of my place on this planet and of what I could possibly do to help to encourage a healthy path for all.


it was a natural step to blend my career in sports fashion into wellness for the physical and energetic body.   my love of the ever-evolving sciences of body/mind interconnection and energy systems found a home in reiki, and I started to find the answers to the questions I had been curious about…. how positive intentions can improve health…. how we can get in the flow creatively…. and how energy is the connecting factor to all improvements in health and abundant inspiration….


I initially studied to become a nutritionist and my nutrition studies have given me a well placed grounding in body physiology and common ailments.  I still value nutrition as an essential pillar to good health but without a fresh flow of energy within the body, even the healthiest diet will find it hard to enable the body to truly thrive, therefore I chose the powerful energy therapy of reiki in which to practice.  after training in reiki I immediately felt the physical evidence that there is an energy force we cannot see, yet we can all connect to.


coming from a background of over 18 years in lifestyle fashion design I love to bring the experience of reiki to the creative industries.  my background also enables me to be sympathetic to the stresses and seasonal timelines, along with the pressures both mentally and physically that the body sustains working within creative design.


my intention within my reiki practice is to revitalise, alleviate stress and release blocked energy in creatives, to encourage enhanced creativity and open thinking, helping others find an inner balance within the hectic design environment.


reiki has made me aware of the responsibility I have to the environment.  my freelance work now encourages the use of sustainable products and processes within the wellness and sportswear areas, to encourage wellness not only for us but for the planet.


with the rest of my time I practise yoga, bmx, meditation and love my daily runs in the local park.  a daily immersion into nature is the best tonic for gaining perspective, shaking out any stagnant energy and raising the body’s vibration for the day ahead.








I have trained under reiki master torsten a. lange in both the western and japanese usui systems of reiki level 1 and level 2.

I have attained my reiki master level on the island of maui, hawaii under reiki master bill cox.  my master training is in western, tibetan and japanese usui systems of reiki.

the western system focuses on the physical aspects of a hands-on healing, with the japanese and tibetan systems focusing on the meditation and personal spiritual development that reiki encourages.

the usui system of reiki is recognised and used by the nhs.


I am a certified practitioner of reiki science and a

reiki master practitioner member of the reiki academy london:



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