distant reiki

matter and energy are usually spoken about as separate entities.  in fact all matter is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  physicists state that there are no basic building blocks of matter, rather that the universe is an inseparable whole and they use the term “dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns”.


when a reiki therapist sends distant reiki they are connecting to this dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns. this enables them to connect to the recipient at any location and at any time.  researchers are now finding evidence for this universal connectedness within the frame-work of science.  bell’s theorem (1964) supports the concept that subatomic particles are connected in some way.


 the reiki therapist intends for a connection to be made to the recipient at a different location.  once the connection has been the energy will flow from the therapist to the recipient, until the connection is drawn to a close.  from then, the reiki energy will continue to flow within the recipient for several days, travelling to hundreds of energy centres in the body.


distant reiki is becoming an important and useful therapy at this present time, please contact me to learn more.