Dog Reiki

I am also available for dog reiki sessions either at your own home for the comfort and familiar environment in which your dog can relax, or at Crystal Palace Park for a session in the open air.  This can be timed so I am available to meet you during your daily walk.

Dog reiki has exactly the same benefits for our four legged friends as with humans.  It can help to calm, reassure, relax and create an openness which encourages the close bond between the owner and their canine member of their family.

Dog reiki works well where there has been a trauma, for example a dog fight or attack, as reiki will go within to unblock any trapped emotions and fear the dog may have encountered during the experience.

Dog reiki also helps in old age to bring comfort, relief from pain and aids to retain your dog’s appetite and interest in life during the last years.

I am available for your dog’s specific needs or they are more than welcome to join in your own personal reiki session if this has been arranged for a treatment open air in Crystal Palace Park.  This is a particularly bonding and emotionally healing treatment, for example if the dog has witnessed a trauma to the owner such as a fall or argument, the dog may well benefit from a 5-10 minute reiki session within the owner’s 60 minute session to release any possible feelings of insecurity.  This is a wonderful experience for both owner and dog.

Distant reiki via Skype also works wonders for both dogs and owners.  See my page below for more information on how distant reiki works:

what is distant reiki?

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