my philosophy


life is all about balance and I blend my time as a reiki practitioner with a freelance career in sportswear apparel design.  I find this balance creates a lighter more playful energy, which is healthier for the mind and body.


reiki has made me aware of the responsibility we have to the environment.  my design work now encourages the use of sustainable products and processes within the wellness and sportswear areas, to encourage wellness not only for us but for the planet.


coming from a background of over 16 years in lifestyle fashion design I love to work with the corporate creative worlds.  my intention is to revitalise and bring fresh energy into the overworked city and to help others find an inner balance within the hectic urban environment.


with this philosophy I have co-founded with reiki master and teacher fiona houston, to bring wellbeing to the creative industries.  by still having a foot in the corporate design world enables me to be sympathetic to the stresses and seasonal timelines experienced by creatives and I am interested in how reiki can help alleviate stress within the workplace and unlock stagnant energy to enhance creativity and open thinking.


part of the reiki principles are ‘to be kind to others’ and I see this as my job, be it giving reiki treatments to individuals or in sustainable design using more ethical processes within the fashion industry to be kinder to our planet.