online distant reiki treatments

I am still able to support your energy needs by sending reiki energy to you at your location.

my treatments can be conducted via skype so that you can still receive the benefits of reiki to calm your nervous system, release negative energy and stress and boost your immune system, all from your home or current location.

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distant reiki

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distant reiki testimonials

I live in edinburgh and have remote reiki sessions for lower back pain.  I experience both a physical sensation of warmth in my body giving me respite from pain and a spiritual connection from pollyanna wishing my being well.   a remote reiki session is intentional time for me, time to be self-compassionate and time to practice mindfulness.

  • sam, edinburgh

after a few incredibly stressful weeks, I had the pleasure of receiving some distant reiki from pollyanna. I had been experiencing severe chest pains from anxiety and becoming increasingly more scatter brained and unfocused.  through a short distance session, pollyanna was able to balance my energy, leaving me grounded and at ease relieving my feelings of anxiety.  pollyanna has an extra special gift of speaking to the body and energy, and was able to give me insight from my inner self to help me navigate personal issues.  she has a very powerful healing energy that I would highly recommend to anyone willing to receive the magic of reiki.

  • – samantha, south carolina