“We live in a vibrating universe full of harmonies and discord’s. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water and in your bodies is vibration in motion.  There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature.” Abraham – Hicks


Soundtrack Sessions for the Pulse of life

Your body and all things exist at different rates of vibration and have their own frequencies. Science has recently begun to re-discover the secrets of this resonance and its impact on our health. As reiki works on your body’s energy vibration,  the interplay of the reiki treatment and of sound plays a fundamental role in bringing an effective, and enjoyable, therapy to treat your physical, mental and spiritual energy fields.


Sound Healing….

Most sound healing is offered in the form of traditional sound baths, gong baths and the more recent brainwave entrainment technology.

Traditional or technology based, these sound healing techniques are proven to be very effective and beneficial.  Research into DNA repair, stress reduction, dementia and cancer are just some of the areas where treatments of sound therapy have been effective. Developments in technology have been able to further our knowledge into the emotional, physical and neurological responses of the human body to music. 


…..for beginners

Most healing frequency music, although effective, is medicinal in its formation and in my opinion lacks the beauty and meaning that appears when a musician creates music from their own personal emotions and soul.  That is why I have created soundtracks created from everyday music to resonate with certain emotions and to tap into your body on an energetic emotional level.  My focus is to make the benefits of the healing aspects of music more accessible to those clients who are new to reiki and also new to sound healing. My menu of soundtracks can be also be enjoyed by the clients after the reiki treatment from my open Spotify playlists.

Until the benefit of everyday music is researched from a more scientific stand point, we can rely on our feelings to let us choose what music we feel like listening and receiving a treatment to.  Our intuition knows best which music quite literally resonates with us.


Pick your vibration

As we all exist at different levels of vibration, and these differ on a daily rate according to our emotions, what could resonate for one treatment may not be as beneficial for another treatment.  Therefore I have created soundtracks that connect with emotions, feelings and energy needs.  Curating an energy experience from music to match the intended reiki energy therapy.

I also offer a more modern contemporary relaxing soundtrack for those seeking a more traditional reiki treatment atmosphere.

Soundtracks can be delivered through headphones to allow you control of the volume and atmosphere to encourage a deep immersive experience, or played into the treatment room for a softer experience.

So let yourself be in control of the vibration you wish to receive during your own reiki treatment and lay back and enjoy the music.


Soundtracks available:


Reiki – relax :

For those seeking a relaxing reiki treatment. With a twist on the traditional Reiki music to embrace a more modern, uplifting, contemplative and inspirational atmosphere. This is the default soundtrack I use during all my reiki sessions.



Reiki – energise :

To rebuild your energy levels up slowly during the treatment so you’re walking out the door with a renewed appetite for life


Reiki – reset :

A chance to first unwind with a soft chilled out background of sounds to relax and then take the tempo up slowly to recharge you back into your day.