It has to be said that positive people do seem to be ill less. This is because they are keeping themselves in a higher vibration and keeping the energy flowing more easily. This enables their cells to work more efficiently and as a result their immune system is kept on top form.


Keeping in this happier, healthier state is not always easy. Last winter a client of mine got a cold for the first time in years. Their vibration, emotions and energy levels were low. It was hard for them to physically raise their vibration to promote wellness when they felt anything but well enough to be happy. I had read an article about laughter and how this can effect the body in a physical way in addition to the emotion felt. After their Reiki treatment I suggested they try this SOS exercise as a way to get back into a lighter energy, and get their MoJo back.


Energy SOS exercise: Netflix style


I suggested my client got themselves cosy on their sofa and onto Netflix to watch their favourite comedy series. For 30 minutes they could try to lift themselves up with laughter and good feelings, then allow themselves to go back to feeling quiet and restful afterwards. Little by little, episode after episode, these small windows of a lighter energy had a snowball effect.


Within 2 weeks they reported feeling much better. This enabled them to feel able to go outside for walks, and being in nature with its natural energy vibrations helped them to feel even better still. Within 3 weeks they were back to a higher vibration and their body could clear the remaining cold and my client’s positive outlook returned.


In this way sometimes we need physical tools and backdoor tricks to guide us back to feeling lighter.