We all have the ability to change our own energy and affect other’s energy onto higher or lower levels. We have probably all experienced how a whole room, or party’s atmosphere, can be changed by just one person who is not suiting the vibe of the party. It creates a whole negative energy around this person, which spreads around the room and makes others feel uneasy. They are feeling this negative energy.


Also the reverse can be true, a person can walk into a room and immediately the energy is lighter, buzzing, alive with possibilities. Another example on a larger scale is of a DJ bringing everyone to a point of matched excitement, high vibrations and feel good emotions with their music.


When you know about higher and lower vibrations you start to make sense of a lot of things. Personally I have never liked sombre music or aggressive and frightening movies. I now know that this is because it takes me out of my higher vibration and down into a lower energy, which makes me feel uncomfortable.


You can learn how to notice these differences in energy vibration levels during the day and be aware of your ability to make a conscious decision to re-adjust yourself. Exactly as you would decide to re-adjust your path from the nearest bar to the nearest gym. Just as a regular meditation practise can help you reset after stressful periods during the day, by becoming aware of your own body’s energy level you can reroute yourself onto a healthier vibration.


Daily energy awareness can be included as part of a healthy lifestyle as much as drinking water each day. Both help your cells to go about their daily processes more efficiently. For example, if you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before you drink something then your body can get far out of balance. While it is possible to bring your body back into a state of wellbeing it is much easier to maintain, rather than recover, a healthy physical balance.


In the same way that it is a good idea to drink at the first signs of thirst, it is a good idea to adjust the vibration at the first signs of a lower feeling. Although I do strongly agree that acknowledging our negative emotions is healthy as this allows us to connect to our own intuition about situation, being at a lower vibration for long periods is not the optimal experience for cells to thrive in your body.






It has to be said that positive people do seem to be ill less. This is because they are keeping themselves in a higher vibration and keeping the energy flowing more easily. This enables their cells to work more efficiently and as a result their immune system is kept on top form.


Keeping in this happier, healthier state is not always easy. Last winter a client of mine got a cold for the first time in years. Their vibration, emotions and energy levels were low. It was hard for them to physically raise their vibration to promote wellness when they felt anything but well enough to be happy. I had read an article about laughter and how this can effect the body in a physical way in addition to the emotion felt. After their Reiki treatment I suggested they try this SOS exercise as a way to get back into a lighter energy, and get their MoJo back.


Energy SOS exercise: Netflix style


I suggested my client got themselves cosy on their sofa and onto Netflix to watch their favourite comedy series. For 30 minutes they could try to lift themselves up with laughter and good feelings, then allow themselves to go back to feeling quiet and restful afterwards. Little by little, episode after episode, these small windows of a lighter energy had a snowball effect.


Within 2 weeks they reported feeling much better. This enabled them to feel able to go outside for walks, and being in nature with its natural energy vibrations helped them to feel even better still. Within 3 weeks they were back to a higher vibration and their body could clear the remaining cold and my client’s positive outlook returned.


In this way sometimes we need physical tools and backdoor tricks to guide us back to feeling lighter.


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When you change and lift your vibration/emotional feeling you create a healthier energy and environment in the cells of your body. This can be hard to do during difficult times, during periods of stress and illness of yourself or others. It can feel wrong to try and be happy if a member of your family is ill for example.


A way to reframe this avenue of thinking can be to realise that you would not stop eating healthily if your family member was ill in an attempt to try and be as ill as they were. You would try to keep yourself healthy, fit and well enough to be able to be of support to your family member.


This can be the same with energy. Raising your vibration during the day is as health giving for your body as a healthy lunch can be instead of a quick packet of crisps and sweets. You know that healthy food will make you feel better and keep you going through the tough times, and so it is with raising your vibration. This does not mean you are ignoring the challenges or your emotions, it means you are keeping your energy flowing to enable you to better deal with these challenges.


Bereavement councillors are specifically taught that it is a healthy part of the role to be able to disconnect from the energy and situation of the client they are helping. Admittedly this is harder to disconnect with people we know and love in tough times, but it is a necessity to keep mentally healthy.


Everyone finds their own way to disconnect and find a joyful moment. Finding joy really is about raising your own vibration. Joy is different for everyone, it can be a quiet walk, an energy giving run in the park, a good Friday night out, a good Friday night in, but all have the same result in rebalancing the negative, lower energy vibrations in the body.




To look at the energy in the body more deeply we can feel differing energy levels or vibrations. These can be higher vibrations; for example feeling grateful or happy, or lower vibrations; for example feeling fearful or angry. When we laugh we feel a much lighter sensation in the body, yet when we are angry, and maybe having an argument, we feel a lot heavier with a lower sensation.


We can start to become aware of these differing energies and learn how to adjust the energy in our body to a higher vibration – a better feeling.


3 minute energy rebalancing exercise


Minute 1

Remember an activity or time where you felt a little fearful, for example trying a new sport or starting a new job. We can remember feeling jittery, unbalanced, a kind of energy that is not very smooth or restful in the body. Energy can be stopping and starting in our body as we tense up.

Now set that feeling to the side and think of things you can be grateful about, write these down if you can. We can be grateful for the big things: our health, the health of our family and friends, and we can be grateful for the small things: the smell of butter on hot toast, getting a seat on the train, a really good cup of coffee. Once you get going you can feel quite grateful for many things.

Now rest in this feeling. It can feel soft, calm, floaty and smooth. When we compare this to the sensation of a little fear in our bodies we can learn to identify the difference in these feelings and aim to refocus to the higher, lighter vibration of being grateful.


Minute 2

Remember your list of things to be grateful for and soften back into this feeling. It’s like steering a small boat back to calmer shores.

Close your eyes, keep feeling this feeling, breath it in, imagine breathing all the calmness from your gratitude list through your nose into your body.

Let your body fill up, let all the cells become saturated with your gratitude. It’s fine however you like to do this, maybe by imagining a mist or a white light saturating your cells, or just feel it.


Minute 3

Keep breathing in the gratitude and now as you breath out instead of breathing out through only your nose imagine your whole body is breathing out through every surface, every part of your skin, through every cell releasing your breath out again.

After a few body breaths now imagine you are breathing out the gratitude through every surface of your body, and you are releasing this feeling back out into the world.

Lastly imagine, if you can, breathing not just out through every part of your body but breathing in through every part of your body as well. Soften your body’s beginning and end so you’re a bit like a jellyfish in action, softly breathing in and out the feeling of gratitude with your whole body.


This is an exercise we can do as part of a daily Reiki or energy balancing practice. This can easily be done for a few minutes on your daily commute, even standing up a train or bus.

It can also be added into your meditation practise if you have one. By doing this exercise you are putting your body and cells into a higher, and healthier vibration.




As grounding works to balance the physical electrical energy in the body (see previous blog post for more information on the benefits of grounding), the effects from Reiki go far beyond the physical body and can be used as a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the individual – body, mind, emotions and spirit.


It can be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth, and can bring a greater clarity of mind, increased creativity and a more relaxed, flowing approach to life.


In this way Reiki is more than a laying on of hands for a physical therapy. It is a way to use energy as a tool to thrive in our lives, physically, energetically and spirituality.  It is a hugely beneficial lifestyle and health technique, fully relevant for the modern, urban way of living.


Reiki can begin the awareness of our ability to absorb and release energy within our body, which is something that we can all do whether someone has been attuned to Reiki or not. Tai Chi is an example of just one form of martial arts through which it is taught how to focus and direct the flow of energy through the exercises and sequences performed. In Tai Chi this body energy is called Chi and the theory is the same: to move energy around the body to keep it healthy on a physical level and also to allow the emotions to flow and be free to be expressed.


When emotions are expressed in a healthy way they no longer are kept inside and create blocked energy.  Any blocked energy can create stagnant areas in the body which can then develop into physical aches, pains and other physical symptoms.  It can help to think of your body’s energy flow like a free flowing stream, when the stream becomes blocked the water becomes stuck.  The water can become stagnant and create diseases within it’s environment, and so it is with the energy flow within your body.  If we can keep this flow fresh and help to clear small emotional blockages regularly then we can have a sparkling fresh energy supply throughout the whole body.


This is how the flow of emotional energy and physical energy are interwoven, and how Reiki works on many levels – body, mind, emotions and spirit.


In the following blog posts I share some easy energy techniques to bring this sparkling energy into your body and into everyday life.




Along with reiki, the practice of Grounding or Earthing is another form of balancing energy flow.


We are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Both our bodies and the planet have their own separate electromagnetic fields.


The planet has a natural way of maintaining a healthy balance of the + and – electrons that make up it’s electromagnetic field.


This healthy balance also benefits anything living on this planet when it is connected directly to the earth. The only living things on this planet that live unconnected to the ground are humans. Every other animal, plant and organism has some form of connecting to the earth during some part of their day. In the modern world we live in houses with insulated flooring, wear insulated rubber soled shoes and sleep on raised beds and we can have no connection to the earth at any point.


During our day we can also pick up an overload of + electrons charges from the electrical and electromagnetic radiation we encounter from items such as computers, tv sets, bluetooth, wifi, and electrical circuits in the house. These things induce an additional voltage into our bodies that disrupt our cell’s electrical signalling.


The act of grounding allows us to connect to the earth with bare feet or skin and we receive beneficial electrons into our bodies. These can balance the additional voltage by releasing the overload of + charges back into the earth, just like an earthing wire on a plug, and allowing the rebalancing – electrons in the earth to pass into our bodies. All this happens by simply walking barefoot on the earth, grass or swimming in the sea.


It take take place in a matter of minutes and can explain why we feel instantly more relaxed whenever we take off our shoes to walk in the cool grass or on a warm sandy beach.



For more information see these articles on grounding below:

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During a treatment you remain fully clothed and can remain seated or lie down on a treatment couch for complete relaxation.


The therapist will place their hands in various positions on your body; these are based around the chakra points – the energy centres of the body. These are also the same areas as the endocrine organs, which regulate hormones and the main systems of the physical and chemical body. This is how Reiki energy can connect to the various levels of the body: physical and energetic.


During the treatment the therapist’s hands can be touching the body or held a few centimetres away. You may feel heat, cold, tingling, see various colours when you close your eyes, retrieve memories, or as it is deeply relaxing you may even fall asleep.


You do not have to specially prepare for the Reiki energy to work within you but it is advisable to allow some time for quiet reflection after a treatment and to drink water to help with the physical detoxification that can take place. For 24 hours following the treatment is it also advised to avoid any other treatments that work on the body energy systems such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture. This is to allow the body and it’s energy pathways to adapt, detox and heal any blockages that may have been released within the Reiki treatment.


For more information on Reiki you can view this link below from my Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange of Reiki Academy London:

What is Reiki? Reiki Academy London



Beyond form there is energy.

As quantum physics has indicated we are all connected to an energy that is throughout our cells, throughout our planet and throughout the universe itself.  It is a big concept to absorb so an easier way of thinking about it could be to notice that the air we breath contains molecules, these molecules at some point have been out and about in the city in which we live, and perhaps blown in from across the ocean.  Perhaps before that these molecules were blown into our planet’s atmosphere from just outside in space.  Now these same molecules are inside us, and will go on to make certain parts of our body work.   Being connected to the universe is a little like this molecule having been a part of a lot of things before it became a part of us.

Physics has also discovered that these molecules are always vibrating with energy, and at different rates – or frequencies.  During a treatment the reiki therapist is able to facilitate a connection to the higher frequencies of this universal energy.  They are able to channel this through their own electromagnetic field into their bodies and out through their hands.  Reiki is a gentle and safe hands-on healing energy technique, using this connected universal energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

Reiki harmonises your energy system, putting your body in the best possible position to heal itself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Research also indicates that infra red energy is emitted from a therapist’s hands during a treatment. This can explain why physical pains are reduced and healing greatly encouraged with Reiki due to the energy reaching deep into the tissues.  Infra red saunas are another way to receive these healing health benefits.

Reiki: The benefits

The benefits of promoting a good energy flow, and releasing negative and blocked energy through Reiki therapy, are many.  Here are just a few:

Less stress

Calmer attitude

Clearer head

Better intuition

Increased creativity

Improved memory

More stamina

More energy

Emotional release

Physical release

Better sleep


Stronger immune system

Slower ageing





Reiki is all about energy.


It is an energy therapy that helps with releasing trapped energy flow and emotions within the physical and energetic body.


I discovered Reiki during a period where I was releasing and letting go of many things myself, past relationships, being made redundant from my fashion design job, and my way of life, as I knew it. I was sitting with a sense of wanting to move on to something different for myself – a restlessness.


During a yoga retreat in Thailand I received Reiki almost everyday as a part of a stress release programme. I was apprehensive and didn’t feel too much during the treatment except a deep sense of rest and peacefulness. Then during the latter part of the holiday I started to experience emotional releases and finally, when I was packing my suitcase to go home, whilst listening to a music podcast I surprised myself by starting to sing along and dance in the bathroom. I had lost my mojo for a few years and couldn’t dance for toffee…..but now something had shifted.


Afterwards I entered a period of self-discovery: I was made redundant and I was also becoming restless with fashion, seeking something deeper, a greater purpose. I was studying nutrition part time, but followed my intuition and switched to studying Reiki. I also researched and started freelancing for sustainable sportswear fashion companies. This new fashion area was a perfect match for my interest in wellbeing and an eco friendly way of living that I was beginning to adjust to.


As I continue on my journey I am excited to see how everything is tying together and where Reiki will take me next.