pollyanna has such a special energy that she is eager to share with those around her. her reiki treatments provide the perfect balance of comfort and healing while also acting as a medium to your soul and spirit. pollyanna’s insight and guidance left me feeling grounded and at peace with a refreshed energy.

  •      – samantha, ibiza



I have had the pleasure of receiving reiki from pollyanna recently for a knee injury that was not healing. her hands worked their magic and within two days my wound healed. the experience was surreal and comforting as I could feel the heat and the vibrations on my knee from her hand placed gently over my wound. I would recommend anyone to seek her reiki healing as she is indeed a very special soul. I have see and experienced it first hand

  • kavita s dass, north london



I had my first ever reiki session with pollyanna and was impressed with the level of detail and information pollyanna shared with me before and during the session. she is professional and warm at every level and she put me completely at my ease.

the session was both relaxing and intriguing as my body responded to the strong energy flow.

I have had a broken anterior cruciate ligament and as I train to run a half marathon my knees are my weakest point. pollyanna addressed this area more than others and to my surprise my knees responded and have since had less or no pain as I run and also after training.

I definitely recommend Pollyanna and her great talents.

here’s one happy client who will be booking my next session with her very soon.

  • christina tomei, south london



my first experience of reiki with pollyanna gave me a sense of peace, calm and restfulness.  I was suffering from a heavy cold at the time and I was holding tension in my body.  reiki helped me relax my neck and shoulders and I could breathe freely for the first time in days. wonderful.

  • mrs ranscombe, east lothian



pollyanna made me feel relaxed and at ease immediately.  her calm, gentle nature makes her an ideal reiki therapist.  looking forward to my next session.

  • sara brittain, east london



wellness retreats

during our 2018 launch of wellness retreats, we had the honour of hosting pollyanna as our in-house reiki therapist.  between the magnetizing energy of ibiza and pollyanna’s undeniable healing, our clients had some really special reiki experiences.  the week was bursting with positive energy, healing, and love.  it was an absolute joy to spend the week with pollyanna and we can not wait to collaborate on future projects and events with her  ❤︎

  • lush ibiza retreats



distant reiki testimonials:


after a few incredibly stressful weeks, I had the pleasure of receiving some distant reiki from pollyanna. I had been experiencing severe chest pains from anxiety and becoming increasingly more scatter brained and unfocused.  through a short distance session, pollyanna was able to balance my energy, leaving me grounded and at ease relieving my feelings of anxiety.  pollyanna has an extra special gift of speaking to the body and energy, and was able to give me insight from my inner self to help me navigate personal issues.  she has a very powerful healing energy that I would highly recommend to anyone willing to receive the magic of reiki.

  • – samantha, south carolina


 I have received distance reiki with pollyanna after being recommended to try it for pain relief. I was sceptical at first but after the pain in my knees had lessened and at times disappeared completely after the treatment, I am pleased with the beneficial results. I will be delighted to arrange further sessions with pollyanna who is very talented.

  • keith, suffolk



I live in edinburgh and have remote reiki sessions for lower back pain.  I experience both a physical sensation of warmth in my body giving me respite from pain and a spiritual connection from pollyanna wishing my being well.   a remote reiki session is intentional time for me, time to be self-compassionate and time to practice mindfulness.

  • sam, edinburgh