what is reiki?

reiki is an energy therapy developed in japan in the 20th century by mikao usui. it works with the body’s energy systems in a similar way to acupuncture, yoga and tai chi.

it is a safe, gentle healing energy technique where the hands are gently placed on the body, a treatment can also be given without the hands touching the body.

reiki uses universal energy; the building blocks of our physical world, to treat the physical and energetic body without using using pressure or massage.

reiki supports your body’s own healing abilities and can help physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.  it can holistically balance, heal and harmonise all aspects of our lives.

the benefits of reiki

a balanced energy system is the best possible environment for us to heal on all levels.

there are no known side effects to receiving reiki healing energy, a few of the many benefits are below


reiki stimulates the body’s innate healing abilities and encourages trapped energy in the muscles to flow more freely.

reiki is frequently used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional treatments. it is highly effective in speeding up recovery from sports injuries and medical procedures.  the NHS uses reiki as part of their aftercare plans to encourage the body’s regenerative self healing ability and to promote relaxation.

reiki activates detox processes in the body, helping to clear toxins absorbed from today’s modern lifestyle

reiki also:

increases energy

improves memory

increases stamina

strengthens the immune system

enables a greater ability to relax

improves the quality and readiness to sleep

slows down the aging process, both visibly and also promotes a youthful spirit


reiki is a very adaptable therapy and intuitively produces energising, calming and reassuring effects, bringing balance to the mind and the emotions.

reiki energy can loosen and dissolve emotional blockages held in the body and the mind. this can help release negative patterns and reduce anxiety.

reiki also:

improves the ability to cope with stress

promotes a calmer attitude

creates a clearer head

enables emotional energy release and a healthy relationship to emotions


reiki increases intuition, helps you gain clarity on life’s issues, to become more aware of your life’s purpose and ultimately assists in activating major positive changes in your life.

reiki cleanses the body’s energy field, helps to rebalance any negativity and re-connects you with the power and peace within yourself.

reiki is not a religion, it is simply a tool that works with whatever religious path you have chosen for your life – and equally well if you do not follow traditional religious beliefs.

reiki also:

enhances intuition

promotes self trust

increases empathy

increases creativity

how reiki works:

a reiki therapist is attuned to facilitate a connection with higher frequencies of energy, which they are able to channel through their own electromagnetic field into their bodies and ultimately out through their hands.

scientists have ascertained that all matter is made from energy. we cannot see these higher vibrations to understand them, but we can feel them. a smile and laughter feels lighter and more playful than the lower energy of a frown or an argument, this is an example of the differing levels of energy vibrations that form in our body.

reiki therapists work with higher energetic vibrations that are all around us.  the body is energy, the chair we sit on is a solid form of energy, our place of work is a place of emotional energy, we are always surrounded by energy in multiple forms.  the human body itself comprises of tiny particles of energy, much smaller than our five senses can perceive.  this energy is vibrating around our body constantly.

when a reiki therapist connects to the person they are treating, they can channel the higher frequency energy in order to facilitate a positive healing response within that person.  the particles within their body start to respond and blockages can flow more freely.