what to expect from a reiki treatment


you do not have to specially prepare for the reiki treatment and will be invited to lie comfortably on a therapy couch, or sit on a chair, depending on your physical ability. You will remain fully clothed during the treatment.


I will place my hands in various positions on your body, or a treatment can be given by placing the hands a few centimetres away without touching the body. the reiki energy will simply flow from my hands.  this energy is not given by myself, but rather is drawn by the recipient’s body, flowing into the areas most needed.


I can also scan the body for any energy blockages or imbalances and can release or re-balance them during the treatment.


each reiki session is a uniquely personal experience and can feel different every time depending on what your body and emotions need. you may feel warmth, cold, tingling or electrical impulses flowing through the body. you may see colours, experience strong emotions, have memories or visions. other people may feel heaviness, lightness or even drift off beyond a deep meditation into sleep.  receiving a treatment is normally a deeply relaxing experience, balancing and harmonising body and mind, and giving a sense of comfort and peace.


a treatment normally lasts around 1 hour.  it is advisable to allow some time for quiet reflection after a treatment and to drink water to help with the physical detoxification that can take place.


some issues can be cleared with one treatment, while others may need a series of regular treatments. we can keep energy blockages in our body sometimes for many years, so it may take time to work on releasing these.